Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Gravity from Quantum Non-Linearity: Edition 3

The third edition of "Gravity from Quantum Non-Linearity" can be downloaded from here,  Below I publish the preface:


Preface to third edition
Gravity from quantum non-linearity contains a shortened and more direct treatment of gravity than I presented in my book Gravity and Quantum Non-Linearity. However, the latter does attend to some details that need airing and which are not found in this current paper; in particular in the book there was a lot more attention given to the matter of conceiving a version of quantum mechanics based on a computer simulation of it, although the approximate nature of the resulting theory is also mentioned in this paper.

The changes in this edition are as follows:

1.   Numerous small changes have been made to the text.

2.  A section has been inserted (See section 3) which examines the role played by the second term on the right hand of equation (2.8.1)

3.  In the previous version of this paper and also in my book I referred to the space-time metric expressed in (6.17.1) as the Schwarzschild metric. However, I’ve since realized that my space-time metric, unlike the Schwarzschild metric, is isotropic and I have made the appropriate long-overdue changes to the text. This, of course, implies further differences between the theory I am proposing and the ideas behind the standard Einstein equation.

4.  I have, I hope, improved the clarity of the discussion which surrounds the gravitational metric.

Finally my usual disclaimer: This paper is entirely speculative and makes no heavy claims about being the solution to the gravity vs. quantum mechanics problem. As a hobbyist I do this sort of work for its own sake and don’t necessarily expect a successful outcome. As I always say; one must endeavor to enjoy the journey because the destination may not be up to much. At least one can come out of it with some interesting explorations achieved.  

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