Saturday, March 23, 2013

Prepare for Apocalypse.

Just through from Townhall Magazine.... see below. Interestingly, the very scary link Townhall have provided below links to similar  material that can now be found using the embedded links in their mail shot about the  End of Mayan Calendar Post Apocalypse Self Help Guide.  So clearly they are still expecting the apocalypse. But in the meantime make sure you click on the link before the New World Order Illuminati  close down the site! Better arm up and be ready for war, fear and famine!  Yes, fear... that's it in a nutshell; it explains everything; it is fear that these monsters from the id feed on, use to spread their delusions and hold people in stultifying bondage.  And Townhall is helping to feed the fears.

Townhall Daily Newsletter
Gun Myths... BUSTED

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