Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Configuration Space and Evolution Continued.

I have been doing further work on the notion of "configuration space" and its relation to evolution. As my ideas on this subject have clarified it has lead me to making various clarifications and enhancements to Part 1 of the relevant series, a series that is the vehicle by which I am exploring this subject.  Part 2 will be coming soon.

Note: 17/03/13. God did it vs. Naturalism did it. The latter (false) dichotomy, which is one of the themes of this blog, is further illustrated in this post from Larry Moran. He tells us about a page published on the anti-evolution web site of the Discovery Institute which lists scientists who dissent from “Darwinian Theory” and points out that the “Statement of dissent from Darwin” that heads the list of signatories is general enough for him to agree with! Moran goes on to quote Joshua Youngkin from an article on “Evolution News and Views”. According to Youngkin  this list is... 

"…. a thorn in the side of those who say there's no scientific debate over whether evolution works in a completely naturalistic fashion."

This is typical: Joshua Youngkin sees any insufficiency of the established evolutionary picture to describe natural history as a failure of "naturalism", a failure which presumably he sees only being made good with “non-naturalism”.  The implicit logic of this non-naturalism vs. naturalism dichotomy is likely to imply that if an upgraded version of evolution succeeded in describing natural history then that would classify as a success for "naturalism" and a concomitant failure of "non-naturalism". Youngkin’s presumed belief in "non-natural" agents would then be challenged! Hence amongst the kind of IDist Youngkin represents there is a great need  to hold on to a negative theory of "anti-Darwinism" at all costs.

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