Monday, April 16, 2018

Gravity from Quantum Non-Linearity: New Edition

It's probably wrong but it's worth a try.
A new edition of  Gravity from Quantum Non-Linearity can be accessed from here.  Below I reproduce the prologue.


Prologue to the fourth edition
Gravity from quantum non-linearity first appeared in May 2012 as a 20 page paper. This latest edition represents a lengthened book format of the paper (It stands at 32 pages). This book contains a treatment of my theory of gravity that is a shortened and, I hope, cleaner version of what I presented in my book Gravity and Quantum Non-Linearity; although the latter did contain details which need attention and which are not found in this current book. In Gravity from quantum non-linearity I develop a non-linear quantum equation from the starting point of the Klein-Gordon equation whereas in Gravity and Quantum Non-Linearity I developed my equation from what I refer to as complex number diffusion. Both approaches can be used although I believe the complex number diffusion approach to be more fundamental and meaningful. In a future publication I plan to return to the complex number diffusion approach.

I have to confess that looking back on my ideas since developing them during the 1990s and early 2000s I have a much greater doubt about them than I did during the heats and optimism of first discovery. These doubts have increased mainly because as yet I have been unable to give a clear and cogent account of the origin of the medium which is supposed to support energy diffusion through apparently ‘empty’ space. This basic diffusion dynamic is required by my theory to explain the presence of a gravitational field. This energy diffusion creates a kind of atmosphere surrounding a mass, an atmosphere in which the gravitational field is rooted. If this atmosphere of energy is assumed to surround massive objects, gravity as a modification of the space-time metric follows from the nonlinear quantum equation developed in the text (This energy diffusion is not to be confused with the complex number diffusion which is the basis of my non-linear quantum equation).

Finally my usual disclaimer: This book is entirely speculative and makes no strong claim to being the solution to the gravity vs. quantum mechanics problem. As a hobbyist I do this sort of work for its own sake and don’t necessarily expect a successful outcome. As I always say; one must endeavor to enjoy the journey because the destination may not be up to much: At least one can come in from a good journey feeling that one’s sightseeing has been stimulating even if providence only takes one back to where one started; it’s much more interesting than crosswords or Sudoku. And there is always a chance that it is one’s turn to stumble across something interesting….

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