Sunday, October 02, 2016

Dark matter, dark energy and matter; all the same thing?

The unexpected orbital velocity curve associated with galaxies. 

When she's not pushing de facto ID's dualist dichotomy of God did it vs. Natural forces did it, reporter Denise O'leary can be a useful read. Being part of North America's anti-academic-establishment, anti-liberal right wing lobby, 0'leary sniffs out the stuff that doesn't fit easily with current ideas, to the discomfiture of established science.  She means mischief of course, but the upside of that is that she reports those erratics and anomalies which are the fuel of scientific revolutions.

So, along these line I was very interested to see this post of hers entitled Understanding of dark matter  muddier due to new findings on the ID website Uncommon Descent. She quotes this article from Inside Science.  Viz:

Now researchers examining 153 galaxies find that by looking solely at where stars and gases in those galaxies are located, they could precisely predict the anomalous ways in which they moved. This may hint that dark matter is more strongly coupled to normal matter than currently thought. It could also indicate that dark matter does not exist and that another explanation is needed for the discrepancies that dark matter models were invoked to solve, said study lead author Stacy McGaugh, an astrophysicist and chair of astronomy at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

I find that v. interesting because my own theory of gravity as a manifestation of quantum non-linearity would mean that matter and those galactic gravitational anomalies should go together. In the theory I've developed (see here) "dark matter" doesn't exist but quantum non-linearity produces a modified gravity which explains the anomalies. In fact this theory tenders explanations for both the apparent existence of dark matter and dark energy. As the theory in effect identifies "dark matter" and "dark energy" with matter itself, then it follows that matter and the putative effects of dark matter and dark energy are the effects of one realm rather than two potentially independent classes of matter. If dark matter and dark energy actually existed then further explanation would be needed to account for this association. But if matter, dark matter and dark energy are of a piece then the reason for the association would make sense.

All that's easy to say of course. I've only partially quantified my dark matter and dark energy theories. I must admit I am not heavily motivated to take it much further because I tend not to have much confidence in my own theories, those "left brain" creations. Steve Pinker calls the left brain the "baloney generator".   But nevertheless generating baloney can be fun!

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