Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Thinknet Project Part 1: Introduction

This yellowing paper back started something for me.

This series on The Thinknet Project is really part of my Melencolia I series. The paper for part 1 of The Thinknet Project  can be downloaded here. I reproduce the first paragraph of this paper below.


In the last of my Melencolia I series I reached a hiatus on the nature of quantum leaps, a hiatus that left me wondering where to go next: For if quantum leaps really do regularly clear the wave field in favour of the coherent objects of intensive matter, at first sight this seems to hamstring the unrestricted quantum searching needed to find (and ultimately select) stable organic structures. So in this latest series I return to the work that started my quantum mechanical investigations in the first place, work which eventually led to my very speculative proposal about gravity. The Thinknet Project was a project that influenced how I was to start thinking about several topics, not least the relationship between language, thinking and even reality itself. The general idea of embarking on this latest series is that by returning to this topic it may give me some pointers showing which way to proceed with the Melencolia I series.  


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