Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Addressing Dependency in Sub-Saharan Africa

I first posted on the subject of African dependency on Western wealth here:
The paper  I promised in that post can be seen here:
The pictures below come from a Spiegel Online article by development aid veteran Kurt Gerhardt. This article can be read here: 

Spiegel Online says: Trucks belonging to the German aid agency GTZ in Liberia. Aid is often presented as a kind of gift, with no strings attached. Critics say that such a model does not work. "These perpetual gifts have made parnters into beggars," writes development aid veteran Kurt Gerhardt.
Western managers oversee African project workers. Westerners still have an air of superior patriarchs.  Spiegel Online says "Expertise can be helpful, as here in Adama, Ethiopia. But foreign aid workers should not get in the way of local initiative."

The man on the right in the suit may be an official African aid partner who is likely to be materially benefiting from the relationship with Western aid organisations. Spiegel Online says: ".... some say that we need to get away from the idea the more money necessarily means more help."

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