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Right Wing Cranks.

Seeing the world in black and white

This latest post adds to my collection of hysterical email shots I sometimes receive from the ultra-right-wing magazine “Townhall”. Some of those emails in my collection can be seen here:

The latest email I publish below. As will be seen the usual melodrama, hyperbole and anti-superlatives are laid on in buckets, in this case by the aptly named Michael Savage. So, what is their beef this time: “Horrific predictions for 2012”?  The end of the Mayan calendar apocalypse? The one world government secret agenda?  Obama’s war on religion?  No, this time it’s the coming civil war with Obama as “the driving force behind it”!

Now, in normal politics one might accuse the opposition of incompetence, ignorance, sleaze, pride and, if you have the evidence, even of corruption; after all, politicians are all epistemically challenged sinners like the rest of us. But no, the extreme right wing like to explain it all in terms of scheming evil intelligences who are intent on bringing ruin, and apocalypse - perhaps they are even in league with Satan himself! To me this is lunacy; in fact, even worse than that; it's the William Tapley zone. It’s fanciful, demented, cranky and insane; the world doesn't work in this baroque way except in the human imagination.

Savage is an interesting case; he claims not to be particularly religious but his message has the touch and feel of the apocalyptic. His vehement expressed belief in a society divided between the dark forces of intentional Machiavellian subversion (all on the left, of course) and those who stand for the plain truth (on the ultra-right, of course) has a very fundamentalist flavor*. This suggests to me that “fundamentalism” is part of a more general psychological complex than just religion. But religion or not, fundamentalism of all shades has the finger prints of its epistemically and morally flawed human origins all over it, Given that the generalized fundamentalists see the world through such a paranoiac vision, it is no surprise that  when they are religious theirs is the God of judgement and wrath.

There is a section of the population for whom this extreme apocalyptic thinking has a deep appeal; they much prefer to see their woes, problems and angst caused by the machinations of a malign intelligentsia, the schemes of all powerful conspirators, world take-over attempts, demons, and Satan. I suppose it has the advantage of giving some dignity, meaning and significance to their struggles, as opposed to seeing those struggles apparently trivialized by their being the outcome of rather ordinary, rather squalid human sins…that and blockheaded stupidity!

Relevant Link: Kennedy assassination: "Lone nut" or dark conspiracy?

* Extreme Marxist "sects" invert this, of course. There are some points in common with ultra-left Marxism and the polarized fundamentalist world view. Viz: the polarized workers vs. owners divide with the owner class forming an undercurrent of conspiracy that supports ideas that obscure the existence of the class conflict. These Marxists also have a kind of "end time" eschatology involving judgment "when The Revolution comes",

A Wake-Up Call

Michael Savage, a prolific New York Times bestselling author and popular radio talk show host is issuing a severe warning to Americans: There is a civil war brewing in our country. There is a great divide growing at an alarming rate between the ideologies of the left and the right. And there is something even more sinister about it - Obama is the driving force behind it.

A year ago, many would find it hard to believe a President would intentionally ruin a country. But in light of his actions - it is apparent how tirelessly he is working to divide our country. There are those who remain committed to freedom and courage of conviction. They stand committed to our nation's founding principals and are tired of people who seek to undermine the values that established our great country. And then there are those who will stop at nothing to destroy all the principals upon which our country was founded. The rift between the left and the right may be irreparable. Savage wants to warn Americans that we have people in our country who are enemies of our way of life. There is a difficult path ahead, but we must act now in order to save our country.

Citing recent events in America, Savage explains “as I see it, the forces of the left are attempting nothing less than a socialist takeover of the world economy and global politics. ” Savage took it one step further explaining "this is the most divisive administration...Could this be the most racist administration in American history?"

He also asks questions including: Why have so many of our top military commanders been summarily pushed aside, after years of brave service? How is Obama's feckless foreign policy not just weakening us in the world, but actually endangering our security at home as well? Savage continues on explaining how the Ebola crisis is the latest result of Obama's open-borders policy.

According to Savage, if Obama is allowed to continue our country will not survive. Order your copy today to find out what moves the lefties are making to deceptively destroy our country. We must act now if we are going to save the country we love! 


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