Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Divine Graffiti in the DNA?

North American Intelligent Design theorist VJ Torley is looking for the holy grail of his version of ID; namely, the equivalent of the Wow! signal spliced into the genetic code, a signal that effectively says “God Intelligence woz here!”. Torley sees the whole question of life through a dualistic God vs Natural forces paradigm and this leads to a false dichotomy between the work of God and the work of natural forces. This outlook has grave consequences for Torley's views should the academic establishment evolutionist's case prove to be sufficiently convincing (If indeed such a proof is possible!). But for me natural history is its own “Wow!” signal, and nothing Torley says can detract from that.

The sci-fi paradigm of Intelligent Design: IDists look for physical anomalies.*

* This is not to suggest that there are no such things as anomalies and erratics, but the version of ID that Torley and his colleagues support tends to swing on such discoveries being made.

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