Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Young Earthism's Hungry Problem.

YEC's thorny issue is just about to gobble up yet another well meaning YEC apologist.

This post on Uncommon Descent is worth keeping tabs on. It's by Young Earth sympathiser Sal Cordova. In his post he lists some of the YEC theories that attempt to solve the Star Light problem. It seems that Cordova is ambivalent about his YEC cultural heritage which pressures him to accept YEC. But the upside of this ambivalence is that it results in a thoughtful, self-critical, informative and balanced post. He is real about the difficulties YECs face in this area. In Cordova's list of "solutions" it is notable that Jason Lisle's ASC model doesn't get a mention; rightly so in my opinion as it is, after all, just mature creation cosmology; that is, it uses that idea of signals being simply created in transit, a notion which to many looks like a cheat's short cut; a fact that has been disguised with Lisle's ASC sophistry: "Mature creationism in a cheap tuxedo" to recycle a well known phrase!

If all YECs were like Cordova I would complain a lot less! However, the fact remains they are on a hiding to nowhere. Their slavishly literal interpretation of pre-scientific mythological thought and polemic has  been set in stone by their religious community and left them with one mother-of-a-problem. But there is, I suspect, one other very influential and probably more significant factor at work here besides their false interpretation of the Bible; namely god-of-the-gaps-thinking: The thinking here is that if it can be shown that the whole cosmic caboodle was created as is, just like that 6000 years ago, then this will leave a huge gap they can plug with God. For them this is the much sort after faith-boosting philosophical rationale for their belief in God's existence. In fact it forms the single most important supporting plank of their god-of-the-gaps theology.

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