Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Fundies, Cultists, Conspiracy Theorists and Right Wing Politics

Below I've posted another of the email shots I receive periodically from  the right-wing magazine, Townhall. I signed up to this magazine  some years ago in order to get an insight into their thinking. This latest email advertised a novel by conspiracy theorist and Mormon Glen Beck. It's another indication of how the conspiracy theorists, the extreme right, the fundamentalists and cult/sectarian Christianity have blended to produce a very toxic mix in American politics. This post is part of my study of conspiracy theory a subject I have touched on in the following posts:

Especially watch that third link of mine above: It's about an email from Townhall that actually dabbled in the fears surrounding the Mayan Calendar inspired end-of-world rumours, rumours that are rapidly coming up to their sell-by-date of 21st December. Some parts of America look as though they are under the influence of cranks and crackpots.  This is  bad news for the West which looks to America for leadership.  I notice that the German magazine Spiegel is also worried. (See:  The trouble is that China, a possible successor to America, is too ill-prepared for democracy and the open society to be an acceptable world leader.


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