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Latest News on Jason Lisle and ASC

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I was fascinated to see that we have at last got some movements from Jason Lisle on the relation of gravity to his Anisotropic Synchrony Convention solution to the YEC starlight problem. This can be seen in the comments section of a post dated August 3 on his blog. The post is in fact about something entirely different, but nevertheless an “Age Day creationist” called Kenny had the cheek to use the comments section of the thread to challenge Lisle. (Note: Much of Kenny's criticism suffers from a weakness which stems from the fact that the Edwards' space time is all but "non-physical")

Kenny refers to the “Missing Gravitational Field” and links to an article on Hugh Ross's Web Site where we find the gravitational criticism of ASC mentioned and a reference to a paper on the Edwards space time by Jian Qi Shen (What a coincidence! That’s the sequel to the same paper I referenced in my original criticism of Jason’s theory!

Anyway, here’s what Jason says to Kenny: 

> 2) Missing gravitational field:

 I had already planned to deal with this in detail in a future blog entry. But the short answer is: no, ASC does not require a gravitational field. It is simply a coordinate transformation from the ESC. And coordinate transformations do not introduce any real forces. 

 (Editor’s note: ASC = Anisotropic Synchrony Convention and ESC = Einstein Synchrony Convention)

There are at least three conceptual objects that have so far not been clearly distinguished in the discussions over Jason’s “ASC solution”: Firstly there is the Edwards space time which introduces a unidirectional and "non-physical" bias to the speed of light; by "non-physical" I mean that it doesn't effect experimental observations. Secondly, there is the concept of an actual geocentric skew to the speed of light which would introduce a gravitational field (although not of the usual kind). In other words, a geocentric skew to the speed of light is physical and I am sure Jason must understand this. Finally, there is simply the expedient of using of a "suitable" co-ordinate system which is what Jason is clearly laying claim to rather than telling us that light speed has a literal bias in the general direction of the Earth.* Coordinate systems are just ways of labelling “manifolds” of points with lists of numbers with a list-length equal to the dimensionality of the space concerned. For example, I could date all events as and when I received notification of them; if this numbering system results in a uniquely and consistently labeled set of events there is nothing to stop anyone doing it; in fact using some coordinate systems we find that an everyday object like a car can have an infinite velocity, or even go backwards in time!

This looks to me as though it’s really starting to shape up into something interesting! I am very much looking forward to Jason’s blog post on the subject. When a somewhat pathological coordinate system is allied to the YEC 6000 year time constraint it promises to result in the painting of a bizarre picture of reality; a bizarre picture of reality is to be expected when one is required to bend over backwards to support preconcieved notions that cannot come  under critical scrutiny without threat of divine displeasure.

For more on Jason Lisle's fundamentalist style of thinking, a style which seeks to secure charges of blasphemy against other Christians, see here:

* A literal geocentric skew in the speed of light is physically distinguishable from a mere coordinate transformation. I will deal with this at a later date; but let's see what Jason has to say for himself first.

Social Health Warning (25 Aug)
I would warn people who are attracted to religion against getting involved with fundamentalists. The ethos in fundamentalist communities permits quite extreme moral duress being applied: Fundamentalists have no compunction about applying this duress because they see themselves as God’s express instruments and mouth pieces; outsiders are at best regarded as having compromised morals and at worst part of the Satanic conspiracy against them. In fact as a freelance cult/sect researcher I have myself been on the receiving end of accusations of heinous sin and even when they are not making explicit accusations fundamentalist's thoughts about you are written on their sullen faces. People with a religious inclination are especially vulnerable to this kind of social pressure. As an example of the sort of thing I am referring to have a look toward the end of the comment thread here where an attempt is made to impugn my character; this is not because they want to cause me mischief, but because they see me as part of a compromised and persecuting spiritual Babylon and therefore a legitimate target of censure. See also in the same thread my reference to the treatment of gays. The general sense of marginalisation and even persecution makes fundamentalists sensitive to criticism and susceptible to conspiracy theories. (See here:

As a further illustration it is worth looking at the content of this article found on the YEC web site Creation Ministries. It concerns a certain “John MacKay", one time business partner of Answers in Genesis’s Ken Ham. After reading this content I felt that MacKay (pictured below) is not a man I would want to meet in a dark alley. [As a precaution I have stored the material of this link in case its content should be lost] . To be fair I must add that it is unlikely Jason Lisle would have anything to do with Mackay - or at least I hope he doesn't; Lisle at least seems normal in the sense that he doesn't have MacKay's spiritual ego issues.
Thorny character John Mackay makes a point

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