Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Light Relief

Caution: You are entering Poe's Law zone.

I haven’t had much time for blogging recently and so I thought we’d have some light relief and here it is. Accordingly, this post concerns the Young Earth Creationist treatment of carnivorous adaptations. I have commented briefly on this subject before in the following posts:

Interestingly, in the second of those posts Arni Zachariassen commented as follows:

I hate defending creationists, (Strictly speaking, Arni, most Christians classify as “Creationists”, including myself; but I know what you mean) but the central claim of the video can quite easily be evaded. You don't have to say that special creation requires that sabre tooth tigers were created with sabre teeth. You can say, pointing to the story of the fall where both humans underwent physical change and became mortal and the earth and plants changed too, that all animals who gave up vegetarianism grew their teeth. Surely that's not as big a physical change as going from immortality to mortality. It's reading in to the text, yes, but that's not something creationists have anything against doing.

In reply to Arni I had to admit that I didn’t know what the current “Answers in Genesis” theory was as to the origin of the ostensive carnivorous features of many phenotypes: Does AiG claim these features were “created” on day six or, after the fashion of Henry Morris, propose that they “evolved” rapidly post-fall? Well, it now seems that evidence relevant to this question has been provided by courtesy of “Fatlip” at Leo Weekly (which I found via PZ Myers – Myers is a good man to go to if you want to get news on fundamentalism). Anyway, Fatlip kindly shares with us some illustrations from a Children’s book in his possession written by Ken Ham. (See below). It’s laughable and yet it isn't: Children are being asked to engage in acts of gross cognitive indecency by someone who is intellectually perverted. Given the heady self-belief and self-congratulatory atmosphere amongst a well heeled YEC culture, these children don’t stand a chance.

The following pictures have the touch and feel of a spoof, but incredibly they really do seem to be a genuine fundamentalist item intended to be taken seriously!

How does Ceratosaurus grind up leaf after leaf with those teeth, no cheeks and the strong musculature for a snapping jaw? (note the difficulty with which cats "chew" blades of grass) I wonder what Deinonychus uses those terrible claws for? To climb trees? Can't imagine how he handles lemons with that mouth!

Domesticated dinos!  Ham can't be serious! Oh yes he is!  But it's not exactly the kind of scene that the Bible conjures up for me!

It's a bunch of bananas! Says it all really!

The guy on the right and his dino reminds me of the snow scenes at the start of "The Empire Strikes Back".

"We've got to kill this, stuff it, and then saddle it up for the creation museum!"

In an AiG article I have linked to in the 3rd of my blog post URLs above we find an admission that humans are not found buried with prolific dinosaur group:
There are many possible reasons for humans and dinosaurs not to be buried together:  
The reasons given are weak but persuasive enough for the ignoramus' who follow YEC. Also, that humans are not found under dinosaur strata is not considered.


Anonymous said...

Teeth and claws are really the least of the evolutionary concerns to be addressed. Carnivorous creatures have radically different digestive systems from herbivores, different structures and enzymes and gastric processes, each attuned to the specific needs of breaking down and making use of whatever is primarily consumed.

Timothy V Reeves said...

..too right, but in this post I was trying to secure visible evidence about what the YEC view was on the origin of carnivorous adaptations. They actually seem to be between a rock and a hard place on this one: Either they try and maintain that somehow these apparent adaptations existed from day six or they somehow claim they were "evolved".