Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Removing the teeth in the face of the evidence

According to YECs the entire cat family (of course!) also all had an "original diet of plants"  - see the following link on the Jaguar for example: YEC handling of complex carnivorous adaptations is to biology as their handling of star light is to physics. In both cases the elephant in the room is a 6000 year time scale that simply can't accommodate the number of events needed to accomplish the history of change required; Viz: Change in the position of the photons for starlight and change in functionality in the case of carnivores. (Note: Some YECs have suggested that carnivorous adaptations evolved in some way after the fall)

Further Note: These two issues also have in common the fact that they are simple enough for "yer average" Joe & Josephine Pugh to appreciate the difficulties they raise for YEC. Most people understand what a limited value of c means for YEC and most people can see that jaguars are rather over-engineered for a life-style of running down and catching the the odd leafy shrub or lush pasture. 

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