Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Light Relief: Trench Humour on Remembrance Day.

The video below is absolutely priceless: I would normally publish this sort of thing on my Views News and Pews blog but I thought that Quantum Non-Linearity was in need of some lightening up:

Screams of laughter with Pastor Kerney Thomas

Perhaps I have a strange sense of humour but I was legless after watching this guy. He really does seem to be real and not just a spoofer. Who would have guessed that somebody out there would have come up with this one and provided us with such an unexpected idiosyncrasy for us to gawp and wonder at! Think of the sheer tragedy of our world with its wars of mass destruction, numerous sufferings and evils .... and yet in the midst life’s deeply serious trench warfare it suddenly throws up this sort of peculiar, asinine, frivolous inanity which contrasts so gloriously against the backdrop gravitas of life’s affairs. For a while it breaks the tension of contention and causes roars of laughter.

“There’s nowt so queer as folk” as the saying goes. Some people say that “You can’t make this stuff up!” Well, I once had a jolly good go at making it up:

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