Saturday, October 16, 2010

On Origins

I am currently studying a paper publicized in this post on Uncommon Descent and hope eventually to give my verdict on this blog. The paper is written by Richard Johns and concerns the limits of “Self Organisation”. I notice that Johns eliminates evolution as a separate category by classifying it as a “self organizing” process. That’s a point in his favour: It underlines the fact that if evolution is to work it requires the right mathematical conditions – it’s not organization for free as some seem to think. In any case I dislike the term “self organization”; it sounds too much like “self-creation” which is probably an equally if not even more dubious concept. Johns’ paper certainly looks very interesting.

I have also had a request to provide an opinion on another YEC cosmology that attempts to solve the star light travel time problem. This request has came via a correspondent called age2age who made the request when he commented on my blog post here. I won’t be releasing details on this matter, however, unless age2age gives permission. There's nothing like a bit of secrecy to spice things up. Let's face it, intrigue sells. (But I bet it won't be me that's making the money)

Furrowed brow: I've got my work cut out at the moment!

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