Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Anti Gravity Road Show.

John Hutchinson's House: Style over content?

I was interested to see that the web site American Antigravity (headed up by Tim Ventura*, I think) has come back on line again. It’s a fascinating mix of off-beat techno-wizardry spiced up with rumour of the impending riches of a paradigm shifting science just round the corner. I was interested to see the pictures of the Hutchinson road trip showing John Hutchinson’s laboratory-cum-house.

Inside: Wall to wall electronics

The great, legendary and eccentric Hutchinson himself appears in the pics. This guy doesn’t use wall paper but instead decorates his house with heavy duty electronic appliances salvaged from defunct naval ships that have been teleported into the Arizona desert. However, just how much is style and how much is real content I’ll never know!

Ground breaking pioneers or just lads at play?: Tim Ventura far left, John Hutchinson third from left.

What a bunch of lads. They make me laugh. The academic establishment just can’t derail their show and quash the rumour of ground breaking science. In fact any attempt to do so just adds fuel to their fire! How utterly annoying for all those serious academics! At one time everyone, apart from the odd Galileo or Luther, believed in the establishment. Now that the “rationalists” are at the helm, however, no one believes the establishment! “Unstable self-defeating philosophies” is the phrase that comes to mind. The seeds of antithesis are buried deeply in the “rationalist” mindset.

* I did a post on Tim Ventura here

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