Thursday, August 27, 2009

What was that again?

I recently received this rather terse e-mail from a James E Grambrell.

The term "quantum physics" should be avoided. The preferred term currently is "quantum mechanics. This will continue until it is recognized that Physics and Quantics are separate but overlapping disciplines. James E Gambrell.

Was it in response to my passing reference to “quantum physics” in my last post? I hadn’t heard of quantics until this e-mail and so I did a little web work. Top of the Google search list for quantics was a consultancy who specialize in pharmaceutical, health and ecotoxicology statistics. It can’t be that. An online dictionary defined a quantic to be a homogeneous polynomial having two or more variables. It can’t be that. However I eventually found a web pages claiming that quantic physics was a new philosophy, and this is what I read:

Quantic physics says that everything that we see isn’t the images that we really see with your eyes. But it’s an image that is being created from our mind.

My best guess is that that is trying to tell us that reality isn’t “out there” but “in here”.

But if it's all "in here" then there is no "out there". But if there is no "out there" then there can be no "in here" because it can only be "in here" by virtue of its relation to "out there".

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