Monday, July 13, 2009

Monsters From The Id

During the writing of the last blog entry and posting it on Network Norwich I indulged in a little mild trolling by bringing the anti-theists into close proximity with the term “crypto-fascists”. Sure enough I got a response on Network Norwich thus:

Crypto fascists? Closed ended epistemology? Closed ended ontology? Above all a closed mind? My dear Timothy V Reeves, where on earth did you get all this nonsense? And if you listen and read "the likes of Dawkins et al" properly, you will certainly come to a rather different conclusion. That is if you open YOUR mind.

This is very reminiscent of my blog post here where I indulged in a little trolling by referring to the anti-theist add campaign as “Probably the worst poster campaign in the world”. This provoked the following emotional riposte:

This is probably the worst blog entry in the world. You seem to be obsessed with the word 'probably' but in your struggle to appear erudite and witty you come across as a muddled-thinker and a bit neurotic, actually.

Unfortunately these gut reactions haven’t so far proved to be the starting point of any constructive discussions of the big issues concerned. The tapping into deep seated emotions gets a response but it is perhaps is a little hazardous.

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