Friday, June 19, 2009

No More Bone Heads

This post on Uncommon Descent tells us about Paul Davies latest book “Cosmic Jackpot” and links to this interview with Davies. It looks as though Davies latest book continues where his book “The Goldilocks Enigma” left off; with the concept of backwards causation as an attempt to reach some kind of logical necessity without recourse to theism. Davies, I have always felt, is man whose arguments must be carefully weighed. He is fair minded, cool and bright, the sort of guy anyone who is delving into ultimate logical origins can do business with whether they are atheist or theist. Although Davies veers toward non-theist solutions he is certainly not one of those hot headed psycho atheists who shoot as soon as they hear the word “theism”, who are too boneheaded to admit that a problem exists and who give every appearance of having some kind of psychological hang up. But with Davies we are taking intelligent, thoughtful non-theism and some seriously deep thinking. Although in some ways I have more in common with UD supporters than I do with Davies in that I trace ultimate logical origins to a culturally traditional a-priori theistic intelligence, in other ways I have something in common with Davies; most of all that I regard myself only as a detached advocate of what’s been put in my possession, but which doesn’t give me warrant to start name calling. I will certainly be purchasing Davies latest book and can recommend it even before even I’ve read it. In comparison I have to say that the insult trading atheists and fundamentalists are thoroughly alienating me; in fact I don’t really want to talk to them anymore.
Characters of the Wild Web 14: The are some good guys out there after all.

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