Sunday, May 31, 2009

Darwin Bicentenary Part 21: Stuff the Politics and Stuff the Crusaders.

This tank gun doesn't go "Bang", it goes "Bong".

This post on Uncommon Descent links to a story about the “endless culture wars over evolution and other volatile topics” that have lead to some vicious political infighting in the state of Texas. It’s an indication of how politicized the ID/evolution debate has become in America. Nearer at home we have this article on Network Norwich & Norfolk where we read about some Norfolk church ministers engaged in an anti-evolution campaign and who intend to send an anti-evolution pack to all British MPs. Bundled with this pack is a copy of the booklet “The Delusion of Evolution”. This campaign is disturbing on at least two counts: One: The ministers are quite sure God is on their side because “We feel that the Lord has placed this campaign on our hearts”. Two: I have grave doubts about the booklet’s editor to competently handle the material in his charge, scientifically, philosophically and theologically, without recourse to religious intimidation and authoritarianism. These people are pressuring us into accepting their self appointed role by claiming that they have a leading of God to free the world from what they emotively label a “delusion”.

But some of us want some space, some time, some quietness and tranquility in which to ponder the problem undisturbed, and not be rushed into premature conclusions by those who, on the one hand, may charge us of courting superstition and scientific heresy and on the other hand by those who apply religious duress in order that we may play second fiddle to a crusading bunch of campaigning incompetents.

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