Sunday, April 05, 2009

In The Uncommon Descent Saloon

Characters of the Wild Web 6: The UD Saloon; "Hi Guys, Before anyone reaches for their gun..."

I recently visited Uncommon Descent and raised one or two of the issues mentioned in my Darwin Bicentenary series; especially with respect to the alternatives ID offers in relation to evolutionary history. See here for the discussion. Actually, I was dying to use the phrase “Now, before anyone reaches for their gun…” so I could add another item to my “Characters of the Wild Web” series. (See above). However, in all but one case the commentators on UD have proved to be Gentleman and Scholars, and that’s far more important than anything else. It certainly could be a lot worse.... like this for example:

Characters of the Wild Web 7: On some "science" blogs one can hear the guns cocking!

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