Sunday, February 01, 2009

Looking on The Bright Side of Life

Bus to Oblivion and Beyond (Click to englarge)

The recent poster campaigns from the atheists have been such PR disasters that I thought they needed some help. Hence see my makeover of their poster above.

Looking over the shoulder of the evangelists I think atheists need to be far more positive and far less nihilistic. They shouldn’t be afraid of the merry naivety of self-belief and a belief in their message; no more PR faux pas declaring atheism to be bad news, neither should the word ‘Probably’ be used in such a way that it can be read as a margin of doubt. Rather, after the lager advert, ‘Probably’ should be used ironically to signal an almost smug self assurance. The message should be projected by atheism’s best known personalities as Joe and Jo Public relate much better to personalities than ideas, hence the use of a personable and self assured looking Ricky on the poster. Ricky? Oh yes that’s the other thing. All the major atheist campaigners need image makeovers in order to humanise them and what better way to start than for them to make use of snappy familiar names. After all, the Christian evangelists usually have first names like Nicky, Benny, Billy and Todd, Charlie, Danny etc. ‘Richard Dawkins’ is just too stodgy whereas ‘Ricky Dawkins’ (or ‘Dicky Dawkins’ as some prefer) is a pleasure just to hear and say.

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