Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If this story (whose link I picked up from Uncommon Descent) is correctly reported, then it's a sample of what some members of the Royal Society will do to an evolutionist who makes the very mild suggestion that it might be a good idea to give at least some space to rebuffing creationist concepts in class should they be mooted by pupils. The evolutionist in question is Professor Michael Reiss who said that creationism should be discussed in science lessons if pupils raised the issue. The subsequent controvesy, partly resulting from Reiss' words being mistintrepreted as a recommendation to teach creationism, lead to his resignation.
It's all so horribly reminiscent of the inquisition and the fanatical ferreting out of heretics on the slightest whiff of heresy. In this context the ID community’s rubric “Expelled” doesn't seem so far from the mark. I may not (yet) agree with their main thesis, but I’m behind the Uncommon Descent's criticism of the Royal Society. This isn’t science; this is politics; no, make that 'this is religion'.
The Pharisees of Science: Good and fair minded science is crucified at the Royal Society
They strain out a gnat but swallow the camel (Mat 23:23ff)

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