Thursday, May 08, 2008

Intelligent Debate

Whilst the world eagerly awaits my contribution to the evolution/Intelligent Design debate (I am currently studying some papers by ID experts) people might like to follow the scholarly discussion as it rages elsewhere. Professor William Dembski, dubbed as the ID community's “Big shot” intellectual, has decided to broaden this interdisciplinary field even further and in this post he considers what effect economic realities might have on the debate. Atheist Professor Larry Moran replies in his blog here. One of Moran’s commentators uses some technical jargon that I don’t understand when he describes Dembski’s contribution as a load of f*ck*ng sh*t.

In Dembski’s consideration of how social position might impinge on the debate I am not sure that I understand his concept of class: I translate the triplet ‘upper class/middle class/working class’ as: ‘aristocratic/property owner/wage earner’. I think that Dembski understands it in a more American way: that is, terms of one’s financial place in society rather than in terms of one’s relation to the means of production as per Marx.

Why didn’t I take up fishing as a hobby? I like it really...

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